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Why Dubai real estate sales is the best Investment opportunity in 2021

by Amanda Hun on 28/03/2021
Why Dubai real estate sales is the best Investment opportunity in 2021

Covid-19 landed a huge blow in Dubai’s economy. But the country recovered much faster than any other. Over the last few years, Dubai has become a nation bustling with people from all over the world. More than 80% of its residents are foreigners. With its high quality infrastructure, outstanding business opportunities, hospitality, and benefits, more and more people are choosing to invest in the metropolitan cities of Dubai.

The country attracts approximately 16 million visitors annually. Among the various available sectors, real estate is the top priority for investors. With the increased number of people traveling to the middle eastern business hub, the real estate market has grown tremendously. 

Here are the benefits why investors are placing their money in Dubai real estate

Tax-free income

Dubai does not have a property tax or capital gains tax, making it the best place for real estate investment. Because of its Tax-free title, Dubai has quickly become the biggest business hub in the Middle East. As a result, millions of investment opportunities are rising every year in Dubai. 

As Investors are not required to pay taxes on their investments, they get more returns.

Dubai expo 2020

Expo 2020, originally scheduled between 20 October 2020 to 10 April 2021, is the largest Global business event to happen in Dubai. The event has finally taken off to a great start on 1st October 2021. The expo has brought a lot of attention towards business in the Emirates. In addition, the Expo is running on a hybrid model, spreading reach to the furthest parts of the world. 

The Expo has brought a multitude of attention to Dubai which is going to continue growing. Dubai real estate sales have increased a lot since the Expo was announced.

High rental yield 

Dubai property prices are quite low in comparison with other developed countries. But being a famous Business hub and much liked tourist location, an investment in real estate in the Emirates yields high returns. 

The rental yield in Dubai is approximately 6%, while in countries like the US and UK the approximate rental yield is only 3.9% and 3.2% respectively.

Investor VISA

Did you know you get a Dubai real estate investment VISA for buying a property in the country? Yes, you read that right. Investing 1 million AED or more in a property in Dubai can get you an investors residency VISA for 1 year. In addition, by investing 5 million AED or more you become liable for a VISA for 5 years. 

Similarly, an investment of 10 million AED or more makes you liable for a VISA for 10 years. 

Desirable properties

Dubai the best living country in the world

The magnificent infrastructure of Dubai is invaluable. The metropolitan cities of Dubai foster every type of property- from fascinating skyscrapers to serene villas. In addition, the costs of purchasing a property in Dubai are much lower than in any other developed country. Due to the variety of different infrastructure in the country, the scope for investments is also very high. 

An individual would invest in a business franchise, a skyscraper, or a vacation home and still get good returns. Its top-class infrastructure has made Dubai the best living country in the world