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AMD Real Estate is a brokerage company located in Business Bay, Dubai. It was created in 2020, thanks to Amanda Hun, a Peruvian businesswoman with Chinese descent, convincing an Italian investor to invest in Real Estate and in the creation of AMD.

The initial purpose was to promote commercial and residential properties in Dubai and Italy (In the most exclusive places) among local and foreign investors.

However, thanks to her quick  and  strategic  observation  of  the  market, she was guided to focus more on commercial properties such as dream hotels, restaurants, clinics, factories  and  lands  with  high  profitability  and  spectacular locations, to different local and foreign investors.

AMD Real Estate is constantly working to expand its network in the Americas (Latin America and North America), Africa (Egipto), Europe (Italy and Spain),     and the Middle East (Saudi Arabia) to capture the best commercial properties.

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