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Meet the team

AMD Real Estate differs from other companies by a careful selection of its agents, a key point when guiding a client in his making in up his mind on renting, buying or selling.

We do not simply want to close a transaction, we want to guide our clients with the truth to prevent unpleasant surprises afterwards.

Our values are not negotiable.

We are like a family, we help each other and we are here to build our reputation.

Entrepreneur & International Realtor

Daniela Duque

Daniela Duque, from Colombia, moved to Dubai in 2018. She started her macrame venture company in 2019, known for her designs, patience and dedication. That experience enabled Daniela to develop that sense of buty and exclusivity every one dreams to find in their house. You will not regret trusting her.
Sales Director & International Realtor

Joseph Dawoud

As your professional real estate director at AMD, I focus on client satisfaction. My business is about service and I am not happy until you are happy. My years in sales and hospitality have provided me the experience to assist you with nearly every real estate need. Whether it's finding you a home or an investment property or to assist in your transition to Dubai, I can most certainly help. I am skilled at getting the most out of selling your home, so that you feel you received the best transaction. I am here to guide you. If there is anything you need, please let me know.
Client Manager


She studied interior design and the best way to be close to her original business is Real Estate. She is a very nice and charismatic broker. Clients feel confident when dealing with her. You can also have good advices to decorate your home after buying or renting. Country: Colombia
Client Manager

David Palobart

With previous real estate experience in Spain, David has a particular charisma to understand clients' needs in order to best use the time and find best opportunities in a dynamic real estate market. Country: Spain
Legal Advisor


He is a prestigious lawyer, with extensive experience in criminal and Real Estate cases. His experience and contacts add great value to AMD and it is our way to protect our clients with safer transactions. Country: Egypt
Co-Founder & Real Estate Investment Manager

Amanda Hun

Amanda Hun… her Chinese and Peruvian ancestry talk for herself: hard-working, honest, creative, on her way rebel and visionary. She wants to approach the Real Estate from a different trajectory. After working for many years as an international trade broker between Latin America and European companies, she became one of the founders of the Chamber of Commerce Peru – Russia. The ease with which she interacts with other people of any social level gives her an advantage unknown to many. Trustable and reliable, she always identifies the needs of the person in front, whether for residential properties or commercial activities. She gave the company her imprinting with a dream: be one of the best real estate in Dubai specialized in commercial and residential properties to deliver, to those whom decide to invest in the city • Trust • Solutions • Good ROI • Expertise in commercial sales • Experience in corporate transactions. How did she start in Real Estate? It might be funny but initially it was just to learn English. And… to focus with the F&B was also another of those cases of the life: one day she met the owner of an entire floor in the Paramount Hotel who, before giving her the possibilities to sell his properties, put the condition that she had to sell his restaurant first and then his properties in the Paramount. Well, she told him “but sir, I have no experience in selling restaurant” and he said: “what is the problem? You also have no experience in Real Estate LOL”… Which was actually true at that time, and she accepted the challenge: It all started with a commitment, and it is essential to always respect the agreements. So, in the end… why does she focus in sales or rentals in the F&B sector? Basically because she gained experience, she’s determined to continue and because she loves it.